RAVE to the Hyatt Regency in downtown Seattle for lighting a heart symbol on the side of the building from April until they were able to recently reopen. Every night looking from my window, I was literally “heartened” by the “we will get through this” hope it gave me.

RANT to people not wearing masks at gas pumps. I was at a Costco gas station and saw that only seniors had on masks. Car after car with younger people had no masks or gloves.

RAVE to the staff of planners and workers at T-Mobile Park that made it possible to get our “fan cutouts” returned at the conclusion of the season. We were not expecting to retrieve those. What a wonderful memento of an otherwise weird year. Thank you and thanks for the added bonus of a Kyle Seager bobblehead. Classy gesture.

RANT to all the large, water-laden, wakesurfing boats now aimlessly cruising around Lake Sammamish. All summer, your humongous waves have been eroding beaches, creating a never-ending racket and almost eliminating other forms of recreation such as canoeing, kayaking, rowing, paddleboarding, water skiing and just plain floating, to name a few. Small children cannot be left to play safely, and in the spring, the little ducklings are lost in a matter of hours. The mama ducks don’t like it! Please, local governments, bring some peace and tranquility back to the lake by putting some time restrictions on this ridiculous sport.   

RAVE to the Seattle Seahawks, especially K.J. Wright and Russell Wilson, for wearing Storm championship gear during their pregame and postgame activities last Sunday night. Champs support champs!

RANT to dishonest people. My daughter is out of work. When she was moving to save on rent, she left her purse on top of her vehicle and drove off thinking it was in the car. I hoped the person who found it would contact her. So far their greed is more important. She replaced her cards and driver’s license, but the cash is gone.


RAVE to people who take joy in life even while doing mundane tasks! From the building I was in one evening this week, I looked across the driveway at a delivery driver unloading his boxes and taking them into that building. He sang snatches of some song phrase. Soon he was dancing around too while working with his boxes.

RANT to political signs with profanity on them. I may not agree with your politics, but I am OK with your political sign or flag, except when it has profanity on it in large font! Show some class and respect for the families with small kids in the neighborhood!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Woodland Park Zoo for carving out a time for children with disabilities who can’t wear masks. Rant to those who can but won’t.