RAVE to the young people and their coaches training and working out in Lincoln Park. They were getting exercise, visiting with their friends and all wearing masks the whole time, even as they were running. They are our future.

RANT to litterbugs. You know who you are because you’re the ones who are too lazy to dispose of your trash properly.

RAVE to teachers, parents and communities for all the additional labor that they are doing to care for their families during this time!

RANT to people who drop off passengers in bus zones. I’ve noticed many times, all around the county, cars stopping and dropping off people in a bus-only zone. It’s dangerous and slows down the transit system.

RAVE to the Seattle Storm for winning the WNBA Finals for the fourth time. We knew you’d win the title, just like you did the previous three times you went in 2004, 2010 and 2018!

RANT to Instacart shoppers. Do your customers know that you do their shopping without wearing a face mask? You are putting them in danger by being selfish. Put on a mask. 


RAVE to virtual yoga. Online yoga via Facebook or Zoom has been my lifeline during the past six months. Rave to local studios for offering yogis this option.

RANT to throngs of partygoers in Leavenworth for Oktoberfest walking the streets and shops without masks while this picturesque community remains stuck in Phase 1 of lockdown. I can see why. I, with my mask on, walked two blocks before seeing another masked pedestrian. I’m getting out of here!

RAVE and gratitude to the amazing staff at Harborview Medical Center who put me back together after a recent traumatic fall from a ladder. From the emergency room to the Orthopedic Trauma Surgery Clinic to discharge, I was met with kindness, compassion and exceptional clinical excellence! Another kudos to the Seattle Fire Department first responders for their extraordinary care. How fortunate we are to have these publicly funded services available to our community. Neighbors, please be careful when cleaning those gutters!

RANT to whoever stole my elderly parents’ only vehicle, a 1999 silver Honda CR-V with disabled plates, from their driveway.

RAVE to the person who very generously paid for our dinner while three of us were socially distancing at a 60th birthday celebration in lovely weather last week. We hadn’t seen each other since January and it was so nice to be outside at a restaurant feeling like life was a bit “normal.” You buying our lovely dinner was icing on the birthday cake. Thank you. We will definitely pay it forward!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the West Seattle Junction Association for hosting a shredding/recycling event. Rant to the folks who tried to break into the line of cars waiting for the event to begin and to the people who allowed those cars to break into the line of vehicles.