RANT to homeowners and lawn services that blow leaves off the property to the street gutter instead of putting them in the yard waste container. No one, or the city, will clean up your leaves to prevent them going into the storm sewer and causing trouble for all of us.

RAVE to Seattle City Light for its informative website and service. During a recent power outage in the west Green Lake area, I could easily monitor progress in identifying and fixing the problem.

RANT to whoever steals the colorful, hand-sewn RBG crosswalk flags as fast as I can make them. Do you think the flowers at her memorial sites are for you, too?

RAVE to King County Library System for providing curbside pickup of holds, “surprise bags” of books to check out and for sanitizing all returned books. Their dedication and hard work helps mitigate the isolation of the pandemic.

RANT to the two men I encountered on a sidewalk over a bridge with no room to get over on either side, who weren’t wearing masks, and then started fake coughing as soon as I passed by them with my mask on. 

RAVE to the city of Seattle and its Find It, Fix It app for the quick response to my pothole repair requests. I sent a request in yesterday and the pothole was repaired this morning.


RANT to the people who showed up to Long Beach in Pacific County last month for a large car show on Main Street who didn’t wear masks or practice social distancing. I feel sorry for those working there trying to be safe. 

RAVE to my daughter who wanted to celebrate her son turning 21. My husband and I are 84 and have not been out since March. She knew it would be so difficult for us to not hug him and his brother when we saw them. So we went to a ballpark and she put up a large plastic sheet between two posts so we could hug. We all wore masks and were socially distanced. It sure did our old hearts good and we got a breath of fresh air.

RANT to the neighbor who took it upon themselves to wall off an adjacent public parking strip to the curb with 8-foot shrubs. It now obstructs my view when I exit my driveway every day onto an already narrow street. To add to this inconvenient safety concern, it is an eyesore in the neighborhood since they don’t even bother to maintain it.

RAVE to organizers of the 2020 Fall Residential Recycling Event in Auburn. The process was well organized, staff was friendly and helpful and I was able to dispose of junk in my garage in an easy, environmentally responsible way.

RAVE to the staff at the Seattle Central Library who gamely provided curbside service from a tent on a very rainy day. I’m so happy to be able to borrow books again!