RAVE to the teenage boy riding his scooter through the Arrowhead Elementary parking lot carrying a huge bouquet of flowers he’d obviously just purchased at the pop-up flower stand across the street. I asked if they were for his momma and he said, “Yes.”

RANT to turf. Why do NFL teams, like the Cardinals and Raiders, go out of their way to play on grass fields at indoor stadiums, yet the Seahawks continue to play on fake turf outdoors? I’d bet a doughnut the Sounders (and Hawks players) would love playing on grass.

RAVE to Puget Sound Energy for their great “Call 811” service for protecting buried utility lines. As I prepared to drive a metal grounding stake next to our house, I thought to call PSE’s 811 service. Good thing I did, as my planned location was right over a gas line! Within two days of my call, PSE technicians had come out and identified the buried pipe locations for our gas, water and sewer lines. This valuable service was friendly, fast and free!

RANT to those not wearing masks. Medical conditions don’t give you the right to contaminate my air space. A doctor’s note doesn’t prevent you from spreading this virus. Please, have some consideration for those who are trying to contain this devastating disease. Stay home!

RAVE and thank you to the Seattle Police Department for finding my stolen bike. My securely locked bicycle was stolen in the University District on a Tuesday afternoon. I then received a call just one week later advising they had recovered my bike in Ballard. With everything going on in the city I was stunned and amazed that they would not only keep my bike in mind, much less return it to me in a week. A fantastic end to a bad week. 

RANT to the Mariners (whom I love by the way) for not making the games available to those of us who have cut the cable cord. I used to watch almost every game. Can you really afford to lose fans?


RAVE to a friend with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) who cannot wear a mask, but wears a facial shield. Wise move to keep both him safer as well as others. Even so, he carefully limits himself and keeps a good distance from others.  

RANT to the ice cream store server who refused to give my husband a glass of water when he clearly had something caught in his throat. “But it’s the rule,” is the excuse we got. It took my bellowing out, “But he’s choking!” for them to bend the rule. Yes, rules are rules, but that’s no reason to throw all common sense and compassion out the window! With empty cups and a water faucet next to you, it was an easy task. People, bring back some logic please!

RAVE to all the firefighters who work hard to save our property and our lives.