RAVE to the King County Metro bus driver in West Seattle with a bold sign on his dashboard. I looked up at our four-way stop expecting to see another COVID-19 rule or regulation. It simply said, “SMILE.” I did! A thousand thank yous dear man! You made my day!

RANT to the state Department of Transportation’s loathsome foghorns on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. These earsplitting horns (imagine a semitrailer truck’s back-up beeper in your living room) were designed for offshore oil rigs, not populated areas. Now into the fifth day of a torturous racket as dense fog and smoke continues. These should be replaced with a more traditional and harmonious foghorn.

RAVE to the guy in front of my husband at the Suquamish Chevron station register. He paid for our Seattle Times copy, and my husband didn’t have a chance to thank him before he was out the door. We live in a great community.

RANT to the young man at the Manhattan Village QFC who berated me for not wearing a mask. When I told him that I have respiratory issues, he said, “Yeah, right, sure you do. Get your mask on.” Really? 

RAVE to the young man in the blue car at the bus stop on Mercer Island who leaned over and kissed his significant other one morning as she dropped him off to catch the bus. In this world filled with smoke, COVID-19 and chaos, it made me smile and remember that we all need a little love!

RANT to the owners of the new apartment complex on 23rd Avenue and Jackson Street. The air quality last weekend in Seattle ranged from “very unhealthy” to “hazardous” and yet, both days, you hired someone to stand on the corner and spin a sign to advertise your new units.


RAVE to the talented artist painting iconic figures on the small, streetside electrical stations throughout West Seattle. The portraits are terrific. Thank you.

RANT to the Seahawks radio announcers who don’t seem to realize we can’t see what they’re seeing on their replay monitors. Reacting to what we can’t see is so frustrating.

RAVE to whoever added in the background crowd noise for the first Seahawks game of the season. At least it felt like we were there cheering them on in these strange times.

RANT to the three teenage boys who were spray-painting tags on the pedestrian overpass over Aurora Avenue in Woodland Park the other afternoon. It is such a waste of resources to have to clean up after children who damage public property. Parents, check your kids’ backpacks!    

RAVE to all my high school students after our first week back in session. That week was exceptionally challenging and each of them offered patience, understanding, help and empathy for us teachers working really, really hard to provide the best possible learning environment we can for them.