RAVE to the two neighbors in my apartment complex who helped me with a heavy package. I use a cane and there was no way I would have been able to handle this using one hand while trying to keep my balance. They grabbed my package and followed me through the complex, up three flights of stairs to deliver it. Once you open your mailbox for packages, you can’t close it again, so I was in a bit of a panic. Thank you for helping out a complete stranger!

RANT to the Washington state drivers who do not display front license plates on their vehicles. Rant to the authorities who do not enforce the regulation that cars and trucks have license plates on the front and back.

RAVE to Bothell and Kenmore parks departments for keeping public bathrooms open along the Burke-Gilman Trail during the pandemic. That really helps us older folks get exercise. Without bathroom facilities, we can’t even consider a nice walk or bike ride there.

RANT to the near daily letters or even cold calls from house-flippers offering to buy property from residents in city upzone neighborhoods. Some use printed “handwriting” to appear more personal, even though they really want to bulldoze and build looming, out-of-scale, expensive condo or apartment units. Our houses may be small but they are homes, not “teardowns” for investors. 

RAVE to the young man who immediately pulled over on Interstate 5 to offer his help after our car became disabled, and to the young couple walking on the overpass with their baby in a stroller who kept waving until we assured them at a distance that we were OK. Your thoughtfulness was greatly appreciated.  

RANT to people who complain about people leaving dog poop in their garbage cans. It’s a garbage can! It probably doesn’t smell that great to begin with. Do you stick your face in your can and take a big whiff when you throw away your trash? Dog people, feel free to dump your buddy’s poop in my can.


RAVE to the good person who picked up my prescription glasses the other day around sunset and carefully placed them on a picnic table for me to find this morning. I like to think it was one of the cheerful, distanced young people having such a good time playing beach volleyball on the court near our table.

RANT to theater companies who sold prepaid tickets to performances that were canceled and never contacted patrons about refunds.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the fast-food restaurants that have been able to open and have clearly marked their indoor seating for social distancing. Rant that the employees don’t come out into the dining area to clean the tables and seats after customers have departed.