RAVE to the fine engineers of Amtrak, BNSF Railway and Sound Transit. Their friendly waves, and sometimes even a toot on the horn, is enough to make the day for all us kids, from ages 5 to 95.

RAVE to the two young men we noticed sitting at a table the other afternoon at Growler’s Alley Beer Garden in Seabrook in Grays Harbor County. One of you was obviously distraught and it was heartwarming witnessing your friend giving you a long, reassuring hug. We appreciated the gesture of one friend comforting the other, and were especially touched witnessing a man, comfortable enough with his own emotions and masculinity, so willing to step up and publicly comfort a friend in need. Not everyone can do that. We hope all is well for you both.  

RANT to me for apparently invading someone’s space at Fred Meyer the other day when I accidentally tapped someone’s cart in passing. Bigger rant to the person whose cart I hit, who pulled off his mask, got within 2 feet of my face and screamed at me about it, claiming I was “running him down.” Seriously? My bad for being careless, your bad for being a contentious, dangerous person!

RAVE to the BECU employee who found my wallet, which I had dropped on the Green River Trail. She took the time to find my phone number and call to let me know it was safe and where I could pick it up. May your kindness and honesty return to you tenfold!  

RANT to Seattle Parks and Recreation for allowing people to go to Madrona Beach and not opening up the parking lot. With all the illegal parallel parking along Lake Washington Boulevard, it was hazardous driving down the middle of the road in a car, let alone on a bicycle!

RANT to the graphics department at ESPN who have the Seattle Storm score in white letters on a light yellow background, which makes it always difficult to read. 

RANT AND RAVE Rave to those who have the courage to run for elected office.  That takes guts, especially in our current societal climate, and we need people who are willing to take a stand and take on these tough positions. Rant to those candidates who don’t take down their signs once the election is over. Win or lose, please clean up your signs and keep our communities looking neat.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the family at the Everett Marina guest moorage dock that didn’t offer to help us dock our boat. We could handle the docking ourselves, but this is a common courtesy among boat owners and a good lesson to teach the teenage boys that were onboard. Rave to those boat owners who volunteer to be campground hosts at popular marine parks like Blake Island. They help each boat find dock space and safely tie up, which is not an easy task!