RANT to the real estate company that sent a drone to look inside the windows at my condominium complex without asking for or receiving permission to do so. This is a huge invasion of privacy and has to be illegal. 

RAVE to the QFC at Westwood Village and one of the managers, Sam. The entire staff goes out of their way to be friendly and welcoming, and seems to be genuinely concerned for the customers who are having issues during the pandemic. It’s like visiting a little therapy center while buying groceries. Well done QFC!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to everyone wearing masks to protect others. Rant to all of you who think your nose isn’t connected to the same respiratory system as your mouth. You can shed the virus through your nose when you exhale. Also, masks are not chin protectors. If you honestly don’t know how to wear a mask correctly, go to YouTube for a tutorial.