RAVE to the person at Triple XXX Rootbeer Drive-in in Issaquah who jump-started our red Gold Wing motorcycle the other afternoon. Unfortunately, we only made it a few miles onto Issaquah-Hobart Road before the bike totally died. Another rave to all the wonderful people who stopped to ask if we needed help. A special rave to those who brought us water and cold drinks! And a big thank you to our friend who came all the way from Bonney Lake with a battery.

RANT to banks and other creditors who put your whole account number on statements. When mail theft is at an all-time high, it’s just one more thing that can enable identity theft. 

RAVE to the OL Reign for bringing a ray of sunshine and hope to a gloomy summer for professional sports. 

RANT to our local food market for not enforcing the “no mask, no service” rule for customers that is now in place! We would avoid the store since they seem to not care, but we get our mail there as the post office is located inside the store. Not sure who they think should enforce the rule as it isn’t them. We are getting tired and frustrated as we are trying to do our part, wear masks, stay distanced and then get our mail, all to find folks without a mask being welcomed as customers. Maybe they need to be reported! We are never going to get out of this, or at least get a handle on it, if we don’t all do our part.

RAVE to the Pacific Science Center staff for the excellent summer camps they are providing. Not only are the kiddos well distanced, from each other and other groups, but they are also provided with real learning and exploration using creative, fun activities. A double rave for their huge “Science Needs Women” sign!

RANT to dog owners who refuse to abide by the posted rule to keep their dogs leashed in Deadhorse Canyon. A large poodle described as “friendly” by its owner bit my arm while I was jogging. Woodland creatures and humans alike have the right to enjoy the park without fear of attack by an unleashed dog!


RAVE to the manager at PCC Community Markets in Burien who responded to my encounter with a rude employee at checkout. You were genuinely kind, caring and professional. You’ve made me a forever customer.

RANT to neighborhood hypocrisy. Neighbors who play music in the backyard might well be one who has to listen to leaf blowers, power washers, outdoor Zoom meetings, trash bins being slammed shut, car alarms going off and children screaming for hours.

RANT & RAVE Rant to the driver who turned left in front of me and caused me to crash my bike, fracture my knee, injure my shoulder and miss a lot of work. Rave to the good Samaritan neighbors Jacob, Leanne and Erik for stopping and helping me and my bike back home!