RANT AND RAVE Rave to all the people who deal with life’s inconveniences with humor, tolerance and forbearance. Rant to the complainers who whine about trivial disruptions to their sense of entitlement and privilege.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to restaurant employees who are trying to follow proper COVID-19 procedures as we start going out to eat again. RANT to some of their cleaning procedures. During one of my first dining experiences in three months, I watched a restaurant employee wipe half a table and two chairs, then wipe the remaining half of the table with the same cleaning cloth she had just used to wipe off the seats of the chairs. Ew! Presumably, people would have clean hands and eat clean food on a table, but who knows how clean their pants are and what they had been sitting on or in all day? I would have preferred to see the table surface cleaned first with fresh cleaning/ disinfecting solution, followed by the chair backs and finally the chair seats.

RAVE to Seattle, which, despite all its recent travails, remains one of the most beautiful places to live on Earth. Remember that folks.

RANT to those who use 30 items in the “12 items or less” express lines at grocery stores. 

RAVE to the Seattle Symphony and its musicians who continue to provide free concerts and educational “Tiny Tots,” family and morning solo programs via YouTube.

RANT to the restaurants using greenhouse gas-spewing heaters in their outside dining areas.


RAVE to the people cycling naked southbound across the Fremont Bridge last Saturday afternoon. They cheerfully reminded me and many others that it was indeed the summer solstice!

RANT to property owners in Leschi! Keep your dogs inside if they continue to bark! Schedule your yard mowers, and blowers, to NOT be done on the weekends at dinnertime! We cannot eat outside and enjoy the beauty of our Leschi neighborhood! Those blowers and gas mowers are loud, plus they are not healthy for our breathing! We are always considerate and respectful of our neighbors! You should be as well!

RAVE to the Ballard Health Club for offering a wonderful variety of virtual classes for their members and others in the community who have been stuck inside these past months. It’s been so great to see familiar faces and share some much-needed exercise and socializing via Zoom. Everything from yoga to silver sneakers with the same excellent instructors we know at the club. Can’t wait to be back in person but I am so grateful for technology and the generosity of the BHC during this difficult quarantine.

RANT to those who vandalized brand-new buildings on 15th Avenue Northwest with graffiti. You kicked businesses when they were already down. 

RAVE to Seattle Parks and Recreation. Thank you for the free tennis at Sand Point through August!

RANT to visitors of Sunset Hill who leave their food wrappers and beverage containers all over. Can’t you pack out what you brought there?