RANT AND RAVE Rant to the cyclists who barrel down the Arboretum trails expecting pedestrians to move out of their way. Rant also to the families that cycle on the trails with their children. You are teaching your offspring to not honor posted regulations that state cyclists are only allowed on paved pathways. A final rant to the Arboretum for not posting more and larger signs reminding people of the rules. A rave to the cyclists that walk their bikes through the park. The Arboretum is a treasure and the rules should be respected so that we all can enjoy the beauty of this special place!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the first grade teacher volunteering at the food bank and having a good laugh. Rant to them for not wearing a mask and possibly exposing others who serve at and use the food bank to the coronavirus, as well as setting a bad example for their students.

RAVE to Lolly, the clerk at a large fabric store in East Hill Kent. She handled the front of the store all by herself the other morning very professionally.

RANT to Seattle Parks and Recreation for nearly abandoning maintenance of parks. Our fabulous Seattle parks have never been more important to the physical and mental health of Seattleites. For example, the west side of Volunteer Park has not been mowed all spring. The grass in that area is over a foot tall and planting beds are filled with weeds. Come on SPR, let’s get it together!

RAVE to both employees and shoppers at the Burien Trader Joe’s. The store monitors how many shoppers enter the store, and shoppers patiently wait their turn. The carts and baskets are carefully disinfected after each use. The store has been reconfigured to allow more space between people as they shop, and shoppers keep their distance. Plus, everyone wears a mask. I do as much of my shopping there as I can. Good job one and all.

RANT to businesses that use staples instead of nails to attach the boards when building fences for us homeowners. I thought it was only the company that put mine up, but then I noticed my neighbor’s new fence was also stapled. My fence was not cheap, but I would have gladly paid more for nails. My fence was built in February and the boards are already coming loose. Being a senior, I now have to pay someone to fix my fence that is only 4 months old. Please don’t cheap out on us. It ends up costing more than if you did it right.

RAVE to the houseboat residents under the Aurora Bridge who set up a perimeter protecting the two fledgling red-tailed hawks that had fluttered to the ground while learning to fly. Rave also to their contagious enthusiasm incorporating the many passersby into the spectacle.