RANT to all clothing manufactures for putting your tags in the back neck of your garments. I have cut yet another tag out of my clothes because it scratched the back of my neck, driving me up the wall! After looking through my closet, I find almost half of my clothes have these tags cut out, including washing instructions. If you must sew a tag there, sew it completely flush with the facing. Otherwise, please sew them into the side seams, for heaven’s sake!

RAVE to whoever made hearts in my yard out of my fallen camellia flowers. What a nice surprise.

RANT to most of the people at Snoqualmie Falls last Monday. Most were not wearing masks or social distancing. It was as if there was no virus! Most were families with infants and young children. Unbelievable.

RAVE to the many small acts of kindness that have helped us get through this time with two young children. To the neighbor who gave us a bag of frozen raspberries that we used for many afternoon pick-me-ups. To the people with a friendly sign encouraging us to feed their chickens. To the woman who saw us feeding those chickens and invited us into her backyard to visit her two goats. Don’t underestimate the power of a little neighborhood magic during these long days.

RANT to grocery store and pharmacy workers who ignore their own one-way aisles! Way to mislead by example! One-way aisles and other precautionary measures may be inconvenient, but help to protect us all. Please abide by them.

RAVE to the woman who performed opera from her porch across the street from Volunteer Park. It amazed everyone to hear such impressive singing and was a moment of magic and wonder in darker times.


RANT to whoever is responsible for not mowing the grass and pruning the trees on the median strips on Beacon Avenue South. The grass is so tall and the low branches on the trees so dense that drivers at intersections cannot see cars approaching on Beacon Avenue. Will it take a collision between cars before the grass and low branches are removed?

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Greg, a masked employee at a North End big-box garden store who cheerfully hauled many bags of potting soil to my car. Rant to the five 30-something shoppers who didn’t wear masks. Do they not understand that wearing a mask is a way to help slow the spread of the virus? It was my first store outing since the shutdown started, and because I am at greater risk, I will not be returning soon.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to clerks and others wearing masks who do not cover their noses. I know it is uncomfortable, but lives are at stake. Rave to those who suffer and sweat under the masks.