RAVE to whoever painted tiny rocks with bright colors and inspirational messages along our walk in Redmond this weekend. You made my day and the kids/family (socially distanced) behind me shouted for joy each time they found a rock. What a great way to encourage your neighbors!

RANT to the couple leaving Magnuson Park the other evening. One was smoking and both of them were drinking beer out of cans, which they then dumped into the basket of a Jump bike and blithely walked off. Did they not know there is a ban on smoking and using alcohol in Seattle parks? Common courtesy would have dictated that they take their empties to a nearby recycling bin, or at least put them in the trash. That’s three for three, young couple (who should have known better)! Do you think you are above the law? Rant to me for taking my dog to Magnuson on a recent Saturday in spite of the statewide stay-at-home order. I guess I thought I was above the law!

RAVE to comic-strip artists who mention the virus and lockdown. It brings a smile to my face to see how folks like Arlo and Janis are coping. Never hurts to have a little levity injected into all the bad news.

RANT to those dumping their unwanted items behind the Maple Valley Goodwill. Knock it off. They are closed. There is a sign that says not to drop off when they are closed. After it all got cleaned up, the donation entrance and exit were blocked off, and again, someone dumped more off. It looks bad. Who do you think will clean it up? Most likely it will all get tossed in the trash, but I guess that’s OK, you didn’t have to pay for it. You are just making a bad situation worse.

RAVE to the city of Seattle for marking the deep potholes on Thorndyke Avenue in Magnolia with yellow paint. As a motorcycle rider, I am aware that this could potentially prevent a fatal motorcycle accident.

RANT to the man who refused to get up and move from the top of a narrow Garfield Street public stairway between Seventh Avenue West and Eighth Avenue West as my wife and I climbed the stairs on our Easter walk around Queen Anne. Though his female companion moved when we asked them to give us 6 feet of distance, he remained seated and called us “ignorant.” He finally stood up when I refused to pass by him after seeing my wife have to go within 2 feet of him at the top of the stairs. What a jerk.

RAVE to the local distilleries that are making hand sanitizer! We don’t typically use hand sanitizer but given the current circumstances, it was nice to be able to finally purchase some at our local Safeway, where they delivered one or two bottles from behind the checkout stand.