RANT to those selfish people who are panic-shopping, hoarding and wiping out the stores of cleaning and first-aid supplies, and even fresh vegetables due to the coronavirus. Take a few of such products for yourself and your family and leave something for the rest of us. It will help your karma.

RAVE to UW School of Medicine for allowing fourth-year graduating medical students to skip last rotations due to possibility of contracting coronavirus. They will be residents soon enough.

RANT to the U.S. Postal Service worker who opened a box from my daughter that had impossible-to-find hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes, took half, taped it up and sent it onward.

RAVE to Bloodworks Northwest for its extraordinary efforts to ensure a blood supply is available under these difficult emergency conditions. I am proud to be one of their many volunteers. Thanks to other volunteers who help keep this life-saving blood flowing to those who need it. PLEASE DONATE!

RAVE to Uncle Lee’s Kitchen. I used the pickup service that really works well for clients and Uncle Lee. Call, show up, dine at home and keep this wonderful establishment going. Happy all around.

RAVE to Marilyn Berry at the Seattle Department of Transportation. Twice she’s assisted me in navigating the city’s service portal, providing the best customer service possible with grace, humor and understanding. Hooray to public servants everywhere who are as thoughtful and helpful as Marilyn, before and since coronavirus entered our world.

RANT to people who don’t take the coronavirus seriously and say it’s just a flu and nothing to worry about. It’s much more than a flu. Countries around the world, including ours, wouldn’t be calling this a national emergency and a pandemic unless they were very concerned.

RAVE to everyone temporarily giving up your social life for the better good. Play dates, coffee dates, dinner with friends both at home and out, crafting groups, book clubs, art classes, all kinds of group exercising, cooking groups/classes (and on and on and on) have all been put aside, despite the tremendous temptation to just go ahead and meet. Thank goodness we can still take walks!


RANT to TV networks that play various types of background music during news announcements.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to a drugstore in Bellevue for not having any wipes or alternate means of wiping shopping-cart handles at the entrance of the store the other day. Rave to a customer who had entered the store simultaneously and was kind enough to offer a wipe to me from a few she kept inside a plastic bag in her purse. This is a time when we need to look out for others more than we have done in the past. From now on out, I will certainly keep a few wipes in my purse, in the event someone else may need one.