RAVE to the staff at Central Market Shoreline. What a surprise to be met at the entrance by a staff member who offered hand sanitizer and spray-sanitized my grocery cart for me before I entered the store. At checkout, there was hand sanitizer available at every register and a sink had been installed nearby for hand-washing on the way out. Making it easy to do the right thing!

RANT to Seattle Public Library for eliminating late fees on books. Rant to me for having no sense of responsibility/urgency to return books on time, even with 100-plus people waiting. That 25 cent daily fine was a tiny but powerful motivator!

RAVE to the man who paid for our dinner (five of us) at the Olympia Oyster House on Feb. 29. He talked really loudly and several of us turned around when we heard him. His table of four was right next to ours. As we left we all thanked him for his generosity.

RANT to the block watch captain in the Seahurst neighborhood of Burien who is trying to capitalize on the COVID-19 outbreak by selling water for $20 to his neighbors. You, sir, should be absolutely ashamed of yourself.

RAVE to the calm, efficient, professional woman working solo at the front counter in the Shoreline post office on March 7. She handled a steady stream of anxious, calm, irritated, impatient (and possibly contagious) customers with directness, courtesy and care. Thanks for improving my day by setting such a good example!

RANT to Alaska Airlines for its cancellation policy due to coronavirus. Only tickets purchased after Feb. 27 are eligible. My tickets purchased on Jan. 9 (for flights this week and next) are subject to a $125 cancellation fee. This makes no sense. It shouldn’t matter when you purchased your tickets but when you fly. Alaska needs to update its policy to account for new information on the coronavirus situation.


RAVE to the good Samaritan who called 911 after I tripped and fell on a sidewalk at the corner of Boren Avenue and Spring Street on Feb. 13. The person stayed with me until the medics arrived. Appreciate the kindness.

RANT to people who mailed in their primary ballots way before Super Tuesday and had their candidate drop out. Now they are moaning about it.

RAVE to Amazon, Microsoft, Expedia and others who will continue to pay vendors and small businesses during the COVID-19 outbreak. The goodwill gesture is a huge positive for the entire community, not to mention the desired continuity in their daily business operation.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the clerk at a 7-Eleven in the Bellingham area who told my son and his friends to get out of the store or she would call the police. Their only provocation seemed to be wanting to buy Slurpees, and the color of their skin. Rave to my son and his friends for quickly leaving the store (without their Slurpees) so that the situation didn’t escalate.