RANT to the guy who took off his boots on a recent flight. It was bad enough to be packed in together with people coughing, sniffing and sleep-farting, but the addition of your stinky feet for three hours was nearly unbearable. Thanks for making an unpleasant experience even worse. At least you were comfortable … at everyone else’s expense.

RAVE to the Greater Kingston Chamber of Commerce’s wonderful volunteer who drove me to my house in Silverdale last week after I arrived in Kingston, via ferry, only to discover there was no public transportation available. You saved my day.

RANT to King County Elections for the required selection of either the Democratic Party or Republican Party for the presidential primary. I am a 100% independent voter who only votes for the best candidate and not a political party. I consider being forced to select something I don’t believe in order for my vote to count to be a violation of my voter rights. Shame on you.

RAVE to the lone woman at Tutta Bella restaurant on Stone Way who bought lunch for me and my mom and didn’t say a word. She was gone when the bill was brought over. She must have known my mom was elderly, but maybe not that she will be 101 in June. Thanks, stranger!

RANT to the American Medical Response crews that await their next assignment in the parking lot at Marion Street and Minor Avenue with the motor running. Keeps the crew warm but wastes gas and creates pollution.

RAVE to the Seattle Sounders for their victory over Chicago Fire FC at CenturyLink Field last weekend. 

RANT to those who say, “We built a house.” Well, probably not. Most people don’t even know which end of a hammer to use. You may have paid for the loan, but skilled carpenters and other professionals “built your house.” Give credit where credit is due.


RAVE to the mail people who deliver our letters and packages. Thank you for delivering our things every day! There’s nothing better than receiving the mail!

RANT to grocery stores. Please leave the leaves on the celery stalks. There is so much flavor for soups and salads there!

RAVE to the two teenagers who waited patiently on the landing of the high stairs that cross the track at Carkeek Park. These handsome and kind young men stayed quietly on the landing while my great-granddaughter (almost 2) and I (almost 82) climbed to the landing — all by ourselves — and up to the bridge that took us across so we could get to our destination on Valentine’s Day. They are on record as great and wonderful people, and our 2020 valentines!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Alaska Airlines for waiving their cancellation fees and offering refunds or credit on future flights for all their domestic flights due to the coronavirus situation. Rant to the other airlines who have not included domestic flights on their waivers.