RANT to the middle-aged couple that started making out while the three of us were on the ski lift at Stevens Pass. Next time, save it for a gondola. It’s safer.

RAVE to the person who found my teenage son’s car keys on Soos Creek Trail in Kent. He had gone for a morning run and it fell out of his waistband. As we were organizing a family search, we sent him to the trailhead to see if anyone had found the keys. Sure enough, you not only found them but kept them safe, left him a note with your phone number and then drove back to the trailhead to return them. Thank you for saving him an afternoon with AAA and the expense of getting a key made. He now has a couple of spares! We will all pay your kindness forward.

RANT to the diner at The Pink Door who was “bugged” by my single unbuttoned sweater button. They came up behind me and buttoned me up! Everyone at my table was horrified! Creepy! Keep your hands to yourself!

RAVE to Washington voters who approved the Death with Dignity Act nearly 12 years ago. What a relief and comfort this was to my husband after an ultimately unsuccessful 28-year battle with kidney cancer. Not only did it allow him to die when and how he wished, but it relaxed him, and me, during those poignant final days. I shall always be grateful for your kindness and forward thinking.

RANT to the U.S. Postal Service for losing three of the five valentines I mailed from Seattle to Kent. All mailed at the same time, same place. The result? Three very hurt grandchildren who didn’t understand why they didn’t get a valentine from grandpa and grandma!

RAVE to delivery people who ring my doorbell when they deliver a package. I live in a neighborhood that experiences mail and package theft, and I appreciate the notification that I should check my front door (before somebody else checks it for me!).


RANT to medical professionals who, for a laugh at social events, share stories of their patients and their respective ills (especially immigrant patients or parents who have health concerns about their children). Have a little class and humility, please.

RAVE to the gardening team at Seattle Center who keep everything looking so beautiful throughout all seasons!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to Seattle Center for hosting the Elizabeth Warren event the other week. Rant for not providing portable toilets!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the community volunteers who worked together to repair the 15th Avenue mural at Cowen Park after it was tagged heavily. You show the power of community spirit. Rant to the people who defaced the mural. What would your mothers say?