RANT to the parcel delivery drivers who now just dump packages at your front door without ringing the bell or knocking to let you know, so the package might stay out there long enough to be stolen if you don’t use your front door often. Plus, sometimes a package is too heavy to lift, so it would be nice for them to put it inside the door if you’re home. What has happened to customer service?

RAVE to the person at the Mountlake Terrace QFC who noticed I had left $100 in the cash-back slot of the self-checkout lane. You made a point of telling staff about it and they were able to track me down in the parking lot. Your good deed is greatly appreciated and will be passed on.

RANT to those on a crowded bus or train who think their backpack or shopping bag needs a comfortable seat more than people standing in the aisles. Additional rant to those who think the handicapped seating is just dandy even if someone with a cane or walker has to stand.

RAVE to the two dedicated men who are constantly working on cleaning up the Burke-Gilman Trail near Sand Point! Because of them, the trail is cleared of invasive plant species, as well as debris left by humans.

RANT to rain and Seattle rain-lovers. I understand it rains a lot here, but this winter is bordering on ridiculous. Come over and join us, rain-haters!

RAVE to the Seattle Art Museum docent who gave us an excellent talk on a 14th-century Chinese Buddhist monk sculpture at the grand reopening of the Asian Art Museum. That monk will be my touchstone on future visits.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to our beautiful Benaroya Hall for bringing prestigious, internationally known performers and speakers for us to enjoy in an acoustically splendid hall. Rant to audience members who noisily shuffle programs or unwrap candies for the entire hall to hear during a performance, or who take their shoes off for all to enjoy their foot odor. An especially disrespectful patron of the hall sat near me in the first balcony the other week at a Seattle Arts & Lectures event. A woman in the first row unpacked a large backpack and started to eat multiple items of a takeout dinner. An usher reminded her there is no eating allowed in the hall. Then, during the last section of the Q&A, she got up, climbed over several people, sat on an aisle step and did another unpacking and repacking of her large backpack, noisily putting on full biking/rain gear and making it impossible for us to hear what was being presented. She left before they finished. Sounds carry in this hall! My friend sitting on the main floor heard it too!