RANT to unaware walkers. We all drive defensively, shouldn’t we walk defensively as well? Your smartphone won’t protect you, nor will dressing in dark clothing and crossing at twilight with no crosswalk. Even having the right-of-way doesn’t guarantee safety. Pay attention and make eye contact. In close encounters of the vehicular kind, pedestrians usually lose.

RAVE to the wonderful young lady at Oto Sushi in Redmond who paid for dinner for these two old folks. We so appreciate your kindness.

RANT to the diner who refused to give me correct change when I carried out an order. The employees explained that they round up and only give back bills, not coins. That’s theft, and I will be complaining to the Better Business Bureau.

RAVE to good Samaritans at the airport. My husband and I were on the last leg of a return trip to Seattle this past December and taking the escalator to the parking garage at Sea-Tac. Halfway up, the traveler in front of me lost control of her two large suitcases. She, her bags and I fell backward down the escalator. Rave to the people who shut off the escalator and pulled us (upside down) from the pile. I was so rattled that I’m sure I didn’t express my gratitude to those involved. Thank you!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the outstanding nursing staff that took such good care of me for surgery on the first day back from their strike. They were so caring and compassionate. It was disturbing to see how short-staffed they were in such a busy department, but they were there for the patients, no matter what. I could see they were spread way too thin should a patient emergency occur. Rant to Swedish-Providence for being so closed-minded about the desperate need for more nurses to give the best patient care. Hospitals were built to care for patients. Without patients, there would be no nurses. No nurses, no hospital. No hospital, no big executive salaries. Wake up!

RANT AND RAVE Rant to clueless people who foolishly ignore road-closed signs due to flood conditions. Rave to our first responders, who must risk their lives to rescue them.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to all those winners and losers in the last election. Please remove your campaign signs, which are littering up our environment. You could offer a reward for all of those turned in at certain collection sites (e.g. donate $1 each to help clean up our environment). Earth Day is coming. Rave to those who already have removed their signs.

RAVE to the young fellow from the South End of Seattle who saved my life on Kauai on Dec. 18. I am the old guy who was boogie boarding when I was driven headfirst into the sand by a good-sized wave. I was temporarily paralyzed while underwater and surely would have drowned without help. If you read this, please contact Rant & Rave. I owe you one.