RAVE to the loved one of Brenda Gomez who dedicated a bench in Brenda’s memory along the shoreline of Lake Washington in a lovely little secluded area in Chism Beach Park in Bellevue. I took my ailing 96-year-old father there to sit and enjoy the sunshine one autumn afternoon. It was his last time outdoors. I find some solace in sitting on the bench and remembering our visit that day. I hope, as the dedication on the bench says, that Brenda is resting in peace.

RANT to the gentleman who decided to go shoeless to the performance of “Eugene Onegin” at the Seattle Opera on a recent Saturday. I understand Seattle has a very casual vibe, but putting your bare foot up on your leg and playing with your toes at intermission doesn’t feel respectful to your fellow audience members. Personal comfort should not override decorum.

RAVE to the Puget Sound Energy crews that came Friday to our Battle Point Park neighborhood on Bainbridge Island. A 100-year-old oak fell on the road and took a transformer with it. PSE came out immediately and got a crew to cut the tree down and then a second crew to get a new transformer installed, all within a few hours. We are lucky to have such hardworking professionals.

RANT to those who slip catchphrases, talking points and slogans into their conversations with others, especially when the topic may be controversial. Repeating the overused sayings of others to make your point is annoying and disrespectful to the listener. We’ve heard them time and again. Try using your own words so you add something to the conversation.

RAVE to employees who speak their conscience and to employers who listen to their employees’ concerns.

RANT to people who don’t tend to their laundry in a timely manner at public laundry facilities. Please, people, don’t just put everything in the washer or dryer and come back hours later. There are other people who want to use the machines, too. Don’t get upset when you find your clothing in a damp pile, or your dried stuff either on a table or the floor because others wanted to do our laundry “today.” I am not suggesting you stay at the laundry room while the machines do their thing, but it usually takes an hour per load, so is it too hard to set a timer in your room or apartment so you can finish your laundry in a timely manner?

RANT to offices that schedule an appointment for a specific time and then ask that you come earlier to fill out paperwork, thus ignoring the appointment time. One is waited upon … whenever.  Just be honest and suggest a time that may be available. Scheduling is difficult with employee illness and traffic problems.