RANT to people at the gym who leave their wet, dirty towels on the floor. Mom isn’t coming to clean up after you and the bin is all of 10 feet away.

RAVE to the person who found my gold cross and put it on the ledge of my mailbox. I was going through a huge life transition last summer and had dearly missed my lost cross from my necklace. I had searched for it everywhere for weeks. How did you know the correct mailbox?! You proved to me to never lose faith!

RANT to grocery stores that have widened aisles, but then choose to stack cardboard displays in front of the shelves. There goes the “wide aisle.” They also block customers from seeing what’s on the shelf behind the display carton.

RAVE to San Juan Island Sea Salt, a family-owned business. I am a regular customer at the Ballard Farmers Market. I went to buy my favorite salt, but was informed it was unavailable because it was still curing. I told them I was going to have surgery and couldn’t come to the market for several weeks. I gave them my address and instead of a notice of availability, I received a gift jar of my salt with a handwritten note: “May your recovery be swift and strong.” Their kindness brightened my recovery and affirmed my belief in supporting local small businesses.

RANT to Costco for their new carts. The chest-level handlebar is too high for short people to push comfortably. I, for one, don’t enjoy my Costco shopping trips anymore.

RAVE to two Safeway warehouse employees who were just getting off of work and came to the rescue of my 18-year-old granddaughter, who unexpectedly had the rear tire come off her car while driving to work. Needless to say she was panic-stricken. They rounded up her tire and lug nuts and helped her get back on the road. You could have just headed home after a long day at work. Your selflessness was truly a blessing.


RANT to audience members who sing along to theater productions. I paid to see the cast perform, not you.

RAVE to the Whidbey Island Orchestra and its conductor, Cynthia Morrow. Another fantastic, free season of classical music for the community, amateur musicians and students. They bring real joy to players and audiences alike at least four times a year. Great service and fun for all!

RANT to the new Xfinity store in Ballard for littering the neighborhood with its flyers all over people’s porches and lawns. Not a great way to endear themselves to the community.