RAVE to the young man at the White Center post office off Southwest Trenton Street who handed me a $50 roll of first-class stamps. The other afternoon, I was standing in line and mentioned to my wife that I needed to buy some stamps. When I got to the counter, the young man ahead of me said he overheard me and gave me the stamps. I was so speechless that I was unable to say thank you. I’m saying that now in hopes he notices this comment.

RANT to those who don’t put the toilet seat down in public restrooms. Would you mind? It’s gross to have to put them down. You should do this at home, too.

RAVE to Greg’s Japanese Auto in Federal Way. We have always been pleased with their service and the way they have kept our 10-year-old Toyota in great shape, but we were especially thankful for their nonjudgmental service in December, when we went in for assistance with a small problem that we should have been able to take care of ourselves. The fellow at the desk not only fixed our problem in a few minutes, but also gave us a free car-wash coupon to boot — and didn’t show any exasperation with us senior citizens in the least!

RANT to the number of aggressive drivers out on the icy roads. Your confidence in your bad driving skills makes the conditions that much more treacherous! There should be mandatory defensive driving classes along with the tickets you’re likely to get for reckless driving.

RAVE to this seaon’s Candy Cane Lane in Ravenna, which celebrated its 70th anniversary. Thanks to all the Seattleites who visited the holiday lights for making the festivities the best ever! We expanded our Candy Cane Lane food drive to include warm accessories for Seattleites in need and we were overwhelmed by the generosity of all who visited. We collected only a few warm items, but a whopping $1,533 to buy more, and nearly a ton of food! Thanks also goes to the University District Food Bank for picking up and distributing all the food, and to the Ravenna PopUp Kitchen for purchasing warm items with the funds and distributing them each Sunday afternoon along with hot meals. A great way to begin 2020 and another 70 years of Candy Cane Lane!

RANT to the University of Washington faculty and staff for seldom, if ever, returning inquiry messages of any sort. Sadly, this includes the Burke Museum as well. Who do you have to know to get a question answered?

RAVE to Judi, who found my vehicle registration in front of her driveway in October when I was moving. I don’t know how, nor did I realize I lost it, but I was very happy to receive it in the mail recently. Thank you, Judi!