RAVE to those who leave their holiday lights up through January. They cheer me up through our long, dark winters! They make January much less dreary!

RANT to those homeowners and landscapers who so kindly blow their yard debris onto public roads, clogging storm drains and forcing the city to clean up the mess.

RAVE to those trying to bring kindness back to our country. Those who smile when they walk by someone. Those who stop to help someone in trouble. Those who are patient with people even when they are running late. Those who drive, walk and ride bikes sensibly, following the rules of the road. Those who hear kids yelling and laughing at a campground, park or playing in the neighborhood and laugh with them instead of being upset about the noise. Those who talk to their children instead of looking at their phones when walking with them. Those who smile in wonder at holiday lights left on overnight, knowing that soon the streets will be dark again. Those who know that bringing kindness back to our country is in the little things we do each day for others, because those little kindnesses are like a wave that continues to grow.

RANT to North 80th Street. So. Many. Potholes!

RAVE to our wonderful downtown Central Library. Special rave to the helpful staff in the Seattle Room on the 10th floor!

RANT to a large hotel chain for shutting down their beautiful lights and interesting displays the day after Christmas. I understand that businesses sometimes do not have autonomy over what goes on, but my guests were staying in one downtown hotel and didn’t get to see the beautiful reindeer display or anything else that had been on display since Thanksgiving. In the  “sister” hotel opposite where they stayed, there was virtually no holiday decoration. Nothing tragic, but it certainly cut down on great photo ops. Better luck next year.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to owners of diesel/noisy trucks who refuse to turn them off while in the bank’s drive-thru teller; we need to be heard as well. Rave to those who do.

RAVE AND RANT Rave to young people who can quickly master the technology of cellphones and other electronic products. Rant to older drivers who have yet to figure out how to use the turn signal on their cars.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the person who stole my son’s wallet in Seattle on New Year’s Eve, his birthday — the wallet contained cash, checks and gift cards! Rave to the kind woman who found his discarded wallet (missing most everything) and found a way to get in touch with him, as he lives in another state. Her kindness saved him a hassle at the airport that afternoon.