RAVE to all the daily walkers who help pick up trash and keep pathways clear of debris. An additional rave to those who give a friendly wave or smile or say, “good day.” Happy New Year.

RANT to the lack of handicap parking at University Village. There should be entire sections on each side devoted to people with disabilities, but instead there are maybe 20 spots surrounding the entire perimeter of the mall and then two per floor at the parking garage at Crate & Barrel. Shame on you!

RAVE to the Pacific Science Center member whose free passes were about to time out. While in line for tickets, she went out of her way to give them to us — three adults, one junior and an infant. We were very thankful, as was my son and family visiting from the Czech Republic. A wonderful way to end the decade with this act of unselfish kindness. We hope you read this. Thank you.

RANT to the Seattle Art Museum’s way-too-loud docent at the “Flesh and Blood” Capodimonte exhibit. How can anyone read, understand and reflect on the posted descriptions of the artworks when you can’t escape the blaring tour guide — audible in every room of the exhibit? SAM should either put the tour on an automated-headphone system or stop charging admission to those who don’t take the tour. 

RAVE to the Grand Illusion Cinema for showing “It’s A Wonderful Life” for the 49th consecutive year during the holiday season. It’s a favorite tradition for my husband and I, and so fun to see it in this charming little theater! Such an uplifting movie!

RANT to all the wood-burning fireplaces polluting our beautiful Seattle skies.


RAVE to two angels (Tammy and Patty) who provided headlights and spare hands to help me dock my boat at the Camano Island boat ramp on a recent dark, windy evening.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the City of Seattle Operations Center, which sent an environmental inspector out within 30 minutes of contact to clean up a used-oil spill in our neighborhood about 6 feet away from a major drain — and prior to a heavy rain forecast. Rant to our neighbor, who failed to secure the oil and keep it from spilling into the public right of way.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to drivers who pass other vehicles waiting in line to exit the interstate. They proceed instead to the head of the line, put their blinkers on and stop in the through lane to wait for someone to let them in. You know who you are, but you don’t seem to know you are creating a hazard to you and other divers by risking a rear-end collision. Get a clue, get in line and wait your turn like the rest of us. A rave to the drivers who wait patiently in line for their turn.