RAVE to whomever decided it was a good idea to put a grid on the back of wrapping paper as a cutting guide. Every Christmas, I send good vibes to the genius who started this and to the companies who adopted this practice.

RANT to the Seattle Aquarium for its plans to create a $113 million pavilion with sharks and stingrays for the new waterfront promenade. BOOOO! No more sharks and rays in captivity. Have they not seen the horrendous situations around the world with orcas and dolphins in captivity for the last 40 years? Shame on you, Seattle Aquarium.

RAVE to Courtney, who came to my rescue at the cashier’s counter on Thanksgiving eve when I found I had left home without my wallet. I’ll pay it forward, thank you.

RANT to people who make you take your shoes off when entering their home — and don’t warn you ahead of time or provide slippers/socks for you to wear. I have very unattractive feet and do not like to flaunt them. Imagine my horror at a recent holiday party when I had to be barefoot all evening. Never mind that the floors were tile and hardwood. My feet are still frozen stumps! Had I known, I would have made the proper footwear choice.

RAVE to all the parents who have taught children good table manners, chewing with a closed mouth being the most important. It is not pleasant to watch people chew their food.

RANT to whoever designed those gaudy, tacky lights that dance across the girders above T-Mobile Park at night. They are way too bright and cheesy and there are too many colors. I call them “Galloping Girders.” A simple, static one-or-two color display (like the one above CenturyLink Field) would be better.


RAVE to Seattle Public Utilities and the graffiti-intake staff. I made an online report of new graffiti on a retaining wall across the street from my property, received acknowledgment and a tracking number for my report, and the graffiti was removed a few days later. Another email informed me my report had been resolved. Their system made the reporting process easy and I was impressed with their speed and efficiency! Thank you.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to pedestrians who make eye contact with drivers to be sure they’ve been seen before crossing the street. Rant to pedestrians who jump out from behind cars that are parked too close to the corner, so they’re not visible to passing drivers until the last second. Think and look!

RANT AND RAVE Rave to the Phinney Neighborhood Association for putting on their 39th annual Winter Festival & Crafts Fair, which supports many local artists. It is so much fun! Rant to the parking Grinch that called Seattle police, who ticketed me because my car was parked within 5 feet of her driveway (not blocking it). I had no idea this was a law in Seattle!