RAVE to the gentleman at the Ballard Goodwill who stopped me from making a mistake by putting a beautiful, 100-plus-year-old portrait back on the shelf. You know a good thing when you see it. You gently made me realize there was a reason I’d carried it around for an hour, and that I wouldn’t regret the $15 spent. Good looking out!

RANT to dog owners in West Seattle who continually leave bags of dog poop to pile up on the sidewalk at the corner of Southwest Edmunds Street and 44th Avenue Southwest. This is the second time in two weeks I’ve seen them there. Someone obviously cleaned them up the first time, and now you feel the need to litter again. You do realize there’s no Dog-Poop Fairy? Please be respectful of others and drop the waste in a trash can next time.

RAVE to the volunteers at End of Life Washington who helped us navigate the Death with Dignity Act for our 91-year-old father, and who ultimately supported him as he found “absolute comfort” at the end of his life. It was dad’s choice not to suffer any longer as his three-year battle with urethral cancer ravaged his body but not his mind. As a brilliant scientist and humanist, he understood that life was precious and pain a necessary consequence; however, pain and the loss of cognitive control at the end of life is not humane. Thanks pops for handling this difficult time with grace, courage and determination. Thank you Washington state for affording us this law.

RANT to traffic reporters who use the word “crash” to report accidents nowadays. Are they so pressed for time that they need to cut out two syllables? An accident is an accident, report it that way.

RAVE to the Department of Licensing office in Bellevue. I went to renew my driver’s license and was out in literally 15 minutes. No sloths there.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to those who don’t realize the first six seats on Metro buses are for handicapped individuals, including the elderly, pregnant women and small children. More often than not, these seats are taken by people who do not appear to need them, people who make no attempt to get out of the way for people who actually need to sit down. At more than 31 weeks pregnant, I am one of those individuals. Wake up, get off your phones and move! Rave to the nice people who offer me a seat.

RANT AND RAVE Rave to all the cyclists out there who use really good lights to make yourselves visible. Rant to cyclists whose headlights aim straight ahead. As a fellow cyclist, it can be blinding, as some of those lights are really bright and powerful. Please tilt that headlight slightly downward, so it lights up your path and not my face. We’ll all be that much safer out there.