RANT AND RAVE Rave to the anonymous person who replaced an elderly resident’s walker in my building after it had been stolen. Rant to the person who stole the original walker. How could you?

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the medical-transportation company that charged more than $2,000 to transport my husband from the Harborview Medical Center heliport to the Harborview emergency room (a five-minute trip.) Rave to the airlifting company for their exceptional care, compassion and lifesaving services.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the employees at a store in downtown Kirkland who ignored my friend when we came in looking for a unique wedding gift. They were too busy talking to each other. It’s a tiny store, and there was nobody else in there so there’s no way they missed my friend and I walk in. Rave to me for getting a great gift idea in your store. I went home and purchased this expensive gift from an online retailer instead. It reminded me of “Pretty Woman” — ha! You missed out on a $300 sale that night!

RAVE to the clerk at the vehicle-licensing office on California Avenue Southwest in West Seattle the other morning. It was busy with a long line and from what she said, the internet service was being slow. However, she was pleasant and polite to all, and even offered to pay the change on my fee when she thought I was short.

RANT to those of you who have subwoofers in your car, and insist on driving with your windows open so everyone around you is subject to your music. Not everyone likes the same kind of music, and your music is so loud, I can’t hear my own (which I much prefer.) Not to mention, are you planning to lose your hearing soon? With such a loud subwoofer, you will lose your hearing eventually.

RAVE to those who send in raves. The other week I read about the Husky fan with the well-trained black lab on the Mercer Island lid who always has his dog stand to the side of the trail when a bike comes by. I instantly recognized the person as my friend Paul and told him about the rave. He appreciated that someone noticed how obedient his dog is and took the time to mention it!


RANT to careless drivers who go more than 60 mph in tunnels and change lanes, and endanger all the drivers who are going the speed limit.

RAVE to Macy’s, and The Bon Marché before it, for providing Seattle shoppers with decades of exceptional, quality products at a good value, fine customer service and excellent community spirit. You will be missed.

RANT to the power company that removed the osprey nest on the power tower across from the Kingsgate Safeway. I wish you could hear the poor bird keening for its lost home.