RANT to people who smoke at bus stops (or in the bus shelter) and force the other people waiting to breathe in your toxic fumes. It would be nice if no-smoking signs could be put up.

RAVE to all of the hardworking [Seattle] City Light employees who braved a terrible storm last Saturday night to make sure the rest of us had working lights and power. Thank you!

RANT to the city for installing those ugly white bike-lane-protector sticks all over town. The bike lanes that used to be regularly cleaned by our street sweepers are now filled with debris and garbage which makes biking a hazard and cars have no safe place to pull over when emergency vehicles need to pass.

RAVE to the kind person who, upon seeing my wallet laying on the ground next to my car at the Whole Foods on Roosevelt, took it to customer service and left me a note. That was a very nice thing to do.

RANT to wedding parties who don’t allow mature, single people to bring a plus one, yet hold a special “couples-only dance” during the reception. Do they understand what it is like to be single, diminished by not being allowed to bring a guest, and then left sitting like a seed pumpkin while everyone is out dancing?

RAVE to Seattle Rep and their mostly community-members cast for their performances of “As You Like It.” Last Saturday’s cast and crew handled the lightning power knockout with aplomb. I don’t know when I’ve had more fun!


RANT to the parents against uniforms at the new Everett elementary school! School is not a fashion show. It’s about getting an education and not being bullied because [students] only have one outfit to wear!

RAVE to the kindness offered to me after an accident on I-5 the other day during the afternoon commute. To the retired firefighter who escorted me to the side, took my pulse and made sure I was OK. To Sarah, the witness who stayed and offered support until the trooper came to take her statement. To the woman who parked her big rig strategically so that we wouldn’t be run over. Sorry the accident made a bad commute even worse!

RANT and RAVE Rant to the tailgating middle-age Husky fan who made an obscene gesture and yelled, “F you!” at my 13-year-old son because he was wearing an Oregon Ducks hoodie. Rave to me for only mouthing the word “wow” as we did our best to ignore him.

RAVE and RANT Rave to the gentleman who used his own flashlight to illuminate the stairs going from the seating area to the concourse at last Saturday’s Husky football game. Rant to the emergency lighting that left us going down the stairs to the unlit concourse in darkness during the mandatory evacuation.