Worried about how quickly the costs for your party are piling up? Save some cash with these tips: Trim the guest list. If you are planning...

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Worried about how quickly the costs for your party are piling up? Save some cash with these tips:

Trim the guest list. If you are planning a party that mixes kids and adults, you need to strike a balance between your invitees and your child’s invitees.

Sit down and take a look at your guest “wish list” and figure out who you absolutely want at the party.

Don’t cut the guest list by planning for no-shows. You’re much better off being surprised by the number of guests who decline (and getting to invite some new people late in the game) than being overwhelmed when everyone accepts your invitation.

Timing is everything. Saturday night might seem like an obvious choice for your soiree, but it’s also the busiest and most expensive time for parties. Many vendors and service providers charge a premium rate on Saturday evenings.

If you can have the party at a different time — Saturday during the day or another day of the week — you may save some dough.

Consider DIY options. Figure out what party details you can do yourself. The cash you save on hiring professionals or renting goods may make up for the time spent on a do-it-yourself project.

For example, if part of your plan is to have tables swathed in pink chiffon and renting such luxe table dressing is going to cost a lot, skip ’em.

Instead, pick out a similar but less expensive material at a discount fabric store. Hem or neatly trim the fabric edges, and put the new dressing over plain or white-clothed tables to get the same effect.

One caveat: Before you take on a project, do the math. Make sure you’re really saving money. Factor in the cost of materials and your time. It may be cheaper and less stressful to go with a pro.

Pick the location wisely. Having your party at home might seem like a smart way to save (and for a small-size get-together, it is). However, if you’re planning a party that’s big, formal or both, think beyond your house.

Unless you happen to have lights, a dance floor and place settings for 100 lying around, you’re going to have to rent or otherwise find vendors who’ll provide everything.

A venue that regularly hosts parties will be able to fill many of your needs, from cups and plates to tables and chairs.

Pick your priorities. Make a list of what’s important to you for a great party and a list of what leaves you cold. Focus your attention (and money) on the stuff you can’t live without, and be frugal or skip the stuff you’re not as excited about.

Source: PartySpot.com