During the holiday rush, don't sacrifice the personal touch for the sake of efficiency in shopping for gifts. It's still early enough to...

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During the holiday rush, don’t sacrifice the personal touch for the sake of efficiency in shopping for gifts. It’s still early enough to find a lovely, personal gift made by a local artisan if you look in the right places.

To help you, digs combed Seattle-area stores and online retailers to find great gifts made by people who live here. Here are some of our favorites:

Kri Kri Studio Bowl

Seattle-based Kristin Nelson’s pottery is delicate and whimsical, but also influenced by the wrought iron work on old buildings. The result is pottery that pops with color on the inside in lavenders, blues and yellows, but grounded by traces of black lines on the white exteriors and artful figurines. We fell for it. $66 for a medium bowl, Twist, Pacific Place, 600 Pine St., Seattle, 206-315-8080

Kimono Cards

These cards are so adorable, you’ll want to keep them for yourself. But for the generous among us, buy a few and make a pack for a stocking stuffer. Seattle-based Linda Carlson re-uses concert programs, advertisements and sheet music for origami kimonos that adorn the front of her cards, so you can feel good during the consumer-driven holidays. $5. Around the Block Interiors, 3308 W. McGraw St., Seattle, 206-284-2407

Raindrop ornaments

Give a quintessential Seattle symbol to far-flung friends and family with these blown-glass raindrop ornaments. Seattle-based Glass Eye Studio makes these ornaments, with names like Seattle Rain, Rainier Rain and Pacific Rain, out of glass that includes ash from Mount St. Helens. Enjoy the rain without getting wet. $24.99. Made in Washington, Westlake Center, 400 Pine St., Seattle, 800-338-9903 or www.madeinwashington.com

X-ray posters

Bothell-based Steven N. Meyers turns the standard flower image inside out with his X-ray photography. His X-rays of lilies, tulips and cyclamens show another side to flowers, revealing details of the radiographed bloom. His images come in color and black-and-white. $19.99 for prints, $79.99- $359.99 for originals, www.target.com or www.xray-art.com

Tree Collage

If you want to give something subtly Pacific Northwest, consider Seattle-based Kate Endle’s playful tree collages. Endle’s petite collages, which are 6 inches square, come in several colors, including bright green, orange and even pink. $75 at www.petaline.net

Nicole Tsong: 206-464-2150 or ntsong@seattletimes.com