Tarte Glitterati Eye Trio Ready to trade up from Maybelline's Great Lash? Tarte's Glitterati set is about as luxe as eye makeup gets. The set includes black...

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Tarte Glitterati Eye Trio

Ready to trade up from Maybelline’s Great Lash? Tarte’s Glitterati set is about as luxe as eye makeup gets. The set includes black mascara, a silver mascara and a silver liquid eyeliner that looks like a tube of glitter. The trio is meant to be layered, but you might want to take a more subtle approach. A few strokes of the silver mascara on top of the black delivers a long-lasting shimmer. The eyeliner, best worn sparingly and sans other eye makeup, will add an irresistible twinkle to your lids — or to your next DIY craft project. $28 at www.sephora.com

— Akeya Dickson

Nars Gold Lip Gloss

Moon Fleet, the new lip gloss color from the Nars holiday collection, manages to make gold look festive and work-party appropriate — a tricky combo, indeed. The secret? The yellow-gold and platinum sparkles are tiny, and the base gloss is clear. Together, they offer a nonsticky sheen that will see you through most of a cocktail party (at least past hors d’oeuvres). Wear the gloss alone for low-impact glimmer or layer over lipstick to kick up your holiday sparkle. $23 at www.nordstrom.com

— Michelle Thomas

Philosophy Hot Toddies Soap Trio

Every now and then, a product comes along that smells so delicious, you’re tempted to do a little taste-testing in the privacy of your bathroom. That’s par for the course with Philosophy’s products: The company has a knack for capturing scents such as lemon meringue pie and strawberry milkshake in its shower gels and scrubs.

Now the brand debuts soaps in three seasonal scents: eggnog, hot cocoa and spiced apple cider. Unfortunately, the palm-size bars come in thin plastic wrapping that allows the scents to intermingle. (The result: The first whiff is generically “holiday.”) Much more disappointing, however, was the pinkish residue the apple cider soap left on my white washcloth. Still, the bars lather nicely — and smell good enough that you just might think about taking a bite.

$20 for a set of three at select Nordstrom stores and www.philosophy.com.

— Holly E. Thomas