Set up a temporary kitchen in some place like your garage, basement or utility room.

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Whether you’re doing a small remodel or a big renovation, living without a kitchen can be hectic, crazy and expensive. And eating out every night could end up blowing your remodeling budget. But if you plan and prepare, you can survive, thrive and even have fun while waiting for your new kitchen to be done.

Plan on setting up a temporary kitchen in some place like your garage, basement or utility room (ideally, someplace with a sink). Ask your contractor if he can help. Before you get rid of your old cabinets, have him place a few in your temporary kitchen. If the cabinets don’t have a countertop anymore, lay plywood on top so you’ll at least have a work surface and a place for small appliances.

Set up a bulletin board in your temporary kitchen to track the remodeling progress. Take photographs often, and make a checklist and a calendar so you can cross off each step as it happens.

Keep commonly used kitchen items in clear plastic storage containers and label them accordingly. Parcel up stuff that you use only occasionally and store it in an out-of-the-way place.

If you’re still going to have a freezer during the remodel, make some big meals ahead of time and freeze them in smaller portions.

Offer a friend a home-cooked meal in exchange for using her kitchen. If you bring the food and the fixings, she’ll probably be delighted.

If you’re lucky enough, your remodel will take place in warmer weather during barbecue season.

Start clipping restaurant and takeout coupons before your remodel starts. If you plan and budget for dining out, you’ll have more money to invest in your remodel.

Plan on picnicking. Even if the weather isn’t nice, spread a plastic tablecloth on the floor of your living room or den.