Interior designer Moll Anderson is on the road to promote her new tome, "Change Your Home, Change...

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Interior designer Moll Anderson is on the road to promote her new tome, “Change Your Home, Change Your Life” (Cool Springs Press, $25). We caught up with the designer to find out more about her “life-changing” musts for the home.

Anderson’s five decorating musts:

Paint: “This decorating tool has the most mileage to change a room. If I had to pick, it’s my No. 1.”

Light: “Candlelight is so romantic. If you don’t want to use candles, add a dimmer switch.”

Music: “You can change the vibe of a room with music.” (Anderson’s favorite is a homespun “Wake Up and Dance” mix she’s trying to get in stores soon.)

Flowers: “They don’t have to be grand. Just get some for $14.99 at [the grocery store] and stick them in a small vase.”

Fabric: “Adding drapes to soften windows or tossing a beautiful throw over a tattered chair is an affordable, easy and effective way to change a room. The fabric must pass the ‘touch and feel’ test first, though.”

No sense living with all those empty spaces

Your home may be hiding much-needed storage space.

Behind the drywall and paneling of interior walls lie countless hidden spaces between the studs. While some are filled with pipes, wiring and duct work, others are empty.

The best time to note which are empty is during construction. Take photos or make diagrams of empty spaces between studs that you can later fill with shelves or drawers.

This is only for inside walls, as outer walls use the space between studs for insulation.

If your walls are already finished, it’s not too late to take advantage of the hidden spaces. It just takes some investigating to determine which areas are open.

Now you see mold, then you spray it

If you have visible mold, the makers of Liquid Gold may have a solution.

Mold Control 500 by Scott’s comes packaged with two bottles of ingredients that you combine into a third bottle to activate. Ammonium chloride and hydrogen peroxide are the product’s two active ingredients.

To use the mold killer, first don eye protection and gloves. Combine the two containers, and spray the mold-infected area. Let it bubble. After at least 10 minutes, wipe the area clean.

Mold Control 500 is not for shower mildew, but for more serious incidents of mold, according to a company spokesperson.

The company notes on its Web site that it may be necessary to reapply paint or stain after using the product.

It costs about $30 to treat 500 square feet. Available at some home-improvement centers and hardware stores. To buy online, go to

Compiled from the Dallas Morning News, The Associated Press and Daily Press (Newport News, Va.)