A teacup, teapot, a tin container or beautiful wine glass can work as candles.

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I love candles. Usually, while I’m working, I’ll have one sitting on my drafting table and for a few hours each day I am relaxed by the warm glow and pretty scent.

Sometimes at a flea market or garage sale I’ll find a really lovely single teacup, a teapot without a lid, a pretty tin container or a beautiful wine glass. What do you do with these? Well, you buy them really inexpensively and you use them as containers for melted wax candles. Here’s how.


Candle wax and pre-waxed, pre-tabbed wicks (available at craft stores)

Containers for candles, tea cups, old glasses, etc. (I used some vintage finds)

Double boiler

Wood chopsticks or skewers


1. Prepare your containers by cleaning them and filling them with water to be sure they don’t leak.

2. Add a bit of melted wax on the bottom of the wicks’ tin base and place at the bottom of your container. Lay a skewer over the container and wrap the wick around the skewer so it stands straight up.

3. Using the double boiler, melt enough wax to fill your candle containers. Be very careful with the hot wax. Wax is very flammable. Please take all the necessary precautions before melting the wax.

4. Pour the wax into the containers. When they harden, you can add another layer of wax to the top if you need to create a smoother surface.

5. Let the wax fully harden (about 24 hours), and trim the excess wick. That’s it!

These make the loveliest gifts. Add a personal label, a friend’s monogram or just a strip of pretty vintage paper around a tin to make a one-of-a-kind gift.