Here are ways to make your paper napkins a little special:

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When I have a dinner party for fewer than 12 guests, I usually use cloth napkins. But for many other events, paper napkins can usually substitute nicely. I stock up on pretty paper napkins when I see them on sale, choosing lovely patterns or vibrant solids.

Here are ways to make your paper napkins a little special:


Paper napkins. You can use a variety. Combine solids and prints for a fun mix-and-match look.

Shredding scissors with multiple blades. I love these. They’re used for paper-shredding and crafts projects. Get them from an office-supply or crafts store.

Plastic flower tubes filled with water and fresh flowers


Coordinating ribbon to tie around napkins

Paper flowers — handmade or store-bought, for extra embellishment.


Using shredding scissors, fringe the napkin edges.

To make the paper flower, cut a white napkin into three equal strips and fringe the top edge and roll the strips together to form a flower shape. Tape at bottom edge to secure.

Fringe top edge of folded napkin. Fill floral tube with water and simply add a spray of small flowers.

Accordion-fold your napkin. Tie at the bottom with a lovely ribbon.

Lay one opened pink paper napkin on top of an opened floral napkin. Rotate the top napkin slightly so the corners don’t match up. It should look more like a diamond lying on top of a square. Pinch together in the center and twist gently. Place the napkin inside a drinking glass and add a small spray of millinery flowers in the center.

The nice thing about this project is that you can decorate the napkins well in advance of your event. Just add the fresh flowers in the water tubes right before your party begins.

If you buy the shredding scissors, they will become a new staple in your crafts closet. They are great for all kinds of other paper crafting. Enjoy!