Old photographs, personal letters and other ephemera can personalize a tray.

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I found a worn-out wooden tray at a flea market recently. One can personalize this project by using old photographs, personal letters and other ephemera. I’m always looking for an excuse to paste an image of a dog onto something. so this was the perfect project for me.


Clean wooden tray

Bits of paper ephemera (wallpaper, printed napkins, photos, greeting cards)

Fabric to fit bottom of tray and extra scraps as needed

Embroidery floss and needle

Decoupage medium

Small foam brush


(Optional) Cut glass to fit inside of tray


Cut fabric to fit bottom of tray.

Apply decoupage medium to bottom of tray using the foam brush and smooth fabric on top, pushing out bubbles with your fingertips.

Cut shapes (see my dog) from wallpaper or fabric scraps.

Arrange your image on the fabric-covered tray and glue down with glue.

Brush on three or four layers of decoupage medium, letting it dry between coats.

I had a piece of glass cut to fit the bottom of the tray for extra protection.

Make one of these for yourself and another one for a dear friend. Great for pink lemonade or martinis!