You know how you give your kids presents you'd like for yourself? Well, that's doubly true with today's collection of high-tech gifts for...

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You know how you give your kids presents you’d like for yourself? Well, that’s doubly true with today’s collection of high-tech gifts for pets. You and your beasts will love these.

Canine prescription lenses: Older dogs often suffer from bad vision. Cataract surgery is one option, but without implants, the dog is left with no lenses. Doggles offers a solution. These are vet-approved and prescribed corrective lenses built into poochie-sized goggles, $75 for standard (+14.00) correction. Custom colors and corrections, plus black lenses for blind dogs, are also available at or 866-DOGGLES

The Careful Clipper: Here’s the first innovation in pet-nail clippers in two decades. The device combines a guillotine-style clipper with a flexible, “snake-arm” mounted headlamp that shines light through the nail so you can avoid cutting to the nerves and blood vessels. $14.99-$17.99 from, PetSmart and Petco.

Heated pet bed: Want to soothe an older or arthritic pet? This double-thermostat-controlled, therapeutic bed for cats and small dogs stays at a constant 102 degrees, the bed temperature suitable for most pets. The soft, faux suede cover and faux lambskin lining distribute heat evenly and are removable for washing. Inside is a cushioned, orthopedic foam base. $59.95 at or 800-543-3366.

Talk to Me Treatball: Designed for animals with separation anxiety, the Treatball offers a way to be near your pet. Record a 15-second message on the durable, motion-activated plastic ball. When your dog plays with it, the message sounds, lights flash and treats are randomly dispensed. Good doggie! $14.99 to $19.99 at Petco, PetSmart and

CatGenie: It took a rocket scientist (for real!) to dream up this ingenious self-cleaning toilet for your feline friends. One to four times a day, depending on your preference, a scooping mechanism pulls the deposits out of the round bowl. Then water and a sanitizing detergent wash the scooper, the permanent bed of litter-like granules, the bowl and the deposit-holding tank, where detergent breaks down the contents.

After the gunk is neatly flushed away, a heater warms and dries the bowl and granules, leaving the premises so whistle-clean, claims CatGenie’s Rick Mellinger, that “my cats like to sit in it.”

Resembling a human toilet (a round bowl is easiest to spin clean), the white, polystyrene-encased CatGenie is set up in a bathroom or laundry room. It needs a cold-water connection and drains into a laundry waste line or toilet, “which will flush automatically when the liquid level rises,” said Mellinger. A sensor cuts off operations whenever the premises are occupied.

CatGenie’s secret cleaning solution costs $15 for a 60-flush bottle, which works out to about what you’d spend for self-clumping litter. In a home with two cats, a CatGenie eliminates about 300 pounds of mostly nonbiodegradable waste product from the trash dump each year.

The device costs $299 from and Order immediately for holiday delivery, as this device is already seriously back-ordered!

Bark Free Pro: Train your pooch or your neighbor’s howler to chill out with this “safe and humane” conditioning gadget. The $89.95 indoor/outdoor device automatically turns on when barking begins and off when it stops. It emits ultrasonic tones only heard by (and annoying to) dogs.

It broadcasts 30 feet in any direction, has a built-in timer if you want to set on/off periods and works with batteries or an A/C adapter.

Super Bark Free Pro, an even more powerful, 60-foot range version for outdoor use only, sells for $119.95. Dog walkers might prefer the Portable Dog-Off Trainer Pro ($69.95), which includes a built-in flashlight, belt clip and personal-alarm button that also could startle potential human attackers. Available at

biOrb Tank: Décor-friendly, globe-shaped acrylic aquariums ($60 to $200) come with stylish tops and bottoms in a variety of colors, plus a five-stage, easy-to-use filtration system. And you’ll make your fish even happier by adding the LED intelligent light system ($100), with programmable settings for sunrise, daylight, sunset and moonlight modes. Available at

Wearable pet ionizer: Odors and airborne allergens, including pet dander, are reduced when this battery-powered device dangles from your favorite four-legged pal’s collar. Also can be attached to a litter box, or hung around a human’s neck. $29.99 at