I just thought I would respond . There is no way to remove an established yucca...

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I just thought I would respond [to “The yucca that refused to die,” Plant Talk, Sept. 6]. There is no way to remove an established yucca!

We lived in a development where we believe the yucca was planted in the late-’50s by the developer. We naively decided to remove it.

First, we dug it out, making a huge pit and hacking out the root — or so we thought. It came back. We tried pulling up every single tiny green yucca sprout that peeked up. Every week, we yanked and pulled to no avail.

So, we dug it again and it came back in more pieces.

Then we dug out everything again, built a huge stone wall around it, poured a gallon of Roundup over it, covered it with a double layer of black cloth and put a yard of dirt over it.

It came back. We consulted Master Gardeners with no success. It came back, often in more sprouts (do not ever cut a yucca root!).

We finally found a way to get rid of our frustration for once and for all. We sold the house and moved! It didn’t solve the problem of the yucca, but we feel much better.

— Priscilla Parr, Burien