Ask two women if they are embarrassed by their feet and at least one of them will say yes. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association's...

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Ask two women if they are embarrassed by their feet and at least one of them will say yes.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association’s survey, 60 percent of women prefer not to show their feet in public. The association’s survey shows things like discolored toenails, neuromas, dry skin, corns and calluses are holding too many of us hostage.

It’s time to stop the madness.

Foot-baring phobias may be common this time of year because our soles have been battered from boots and pinned up in pumps all winter. But summer is here, and it’s time to put on our happy feet. Let’s tame those tootsies and polish up those peds in the season’s prettiest hues.

“Putting your best foot forward is quite easy to do,” says Jin Soon, who has helped superstars like Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez.

Soon’s beauty mantra of “Buff ‘n’ Go” stresses that taking care of one’s feet should be at the top of a daily grooming to-do list. The professional nail artist and owner of Jin Soon Natural Hand and Foot Spas in New York City suggests these five simple steps that anyone can do at home to get the ultimate pedicure:

Step 1: Remove all calluses and dead skin. Jin’s secret weapon is an egg-shaped buffer known as the PedEgg (at, and drugstores).

Step 2: File your toenails. Filing helps shape the nail and prevents clipping too far back in the nail bed, potentially causing infections.

Step 3: Apply cuticle remover and gently push back the cuticles.

Step 4: Massage feet with a moisturizing balm and carefully remove all grease and oil from the surface of nails.

Step 5: Apply basecoat, two coats of color, topcoat and then buff.

Of course, not everyone can have a pedicure every night, but the APMA suggests we soothe our soles on a regular basis by following this simple regimen:

Fill a bucket with warm water and be sure it is large enough for both of your feet to soak. Find a comfortable chair where you can relax and place the bucket in front of the chair.

Remove nail polish with nonacetone polish remover.

Stimulate foot circulation and warm your feet: Prop one foot at a time on your lap, grasp the foot and begin slowly moving your thumbs from the top of your toes to the bottom of your heel and back. Repeat this stroking technique as many times as needed to get your feet warmed for some serious pampering.

Use a nail clipper to cut toenails straight across. Then use an emery board to smooth the nail edges by filing in one direction without drastically rounding the edges.

Soak feet in the warm water for at least five minutes. Raise feet out of the bucket and dip either a foot file or a pumice stone into the water. Next, use the file or pumice stone to gently smooth the skin around the heel and the balls and sides of your feet.

For extra soothing and softening, use a scrub and massage your entire foot and lower leg. The scrub exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin buildup that is often caused by wearing certain types of shoes. Remove scrub with a damp towel.

Use a fresh towel to pat feet dry and be sure to dry between each toe.

Tips provided by the folks at The Microplane Foot File XL-Pro.