Everyone wants a little recognition. Maybe that's why prize ribbons — the same ones you got for winning the science fair in grade...

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Everyone wants a little recognition.

Maybe that’s why prize ribbons — the same ones you got for winning the science fair in grade school — are becoming the latest fashion trend. Except this time around instead of just blue, red and white, designers are fancying them up in an array of colors and styles and offering them to carry as a purse, for pinning on your winter coat or for wearing as a wristlet.

“It takes someone with a lot of confidence to wear them around,” says Robin Goetz, who designs a line of ribbon purses and wristlets for her company, Femme Sud. “You can’t make much more of a statement than carrying around an award that you’ve given yourself.”

Jill Bertuccio stocks the prize-ribbon purses at her boutique, Willow, in Houston. She says her rodeo-loving Texas customers snatch up the purses as conversation pieces.

“It’s a throwback into your childhood, but it’s still very modern,” she said. “There’s a confidence about it, but there’s also a sense of humor about it.”

New York City designer Jessica Grindstaff fashions her prize ribbons into pins to be worn on shirts, coats or purses. She says seeing military patches on display during trips to Japan and Poland inspired her to think of ways to award people in her life. Now she wears them herself as jewelry.

“When I walk down the street with them on, delivery men will say congratulations,” she said. “It definitely takes confidence to wear them.”

Even the small victories deserve a reward, Goetz said.

“We all want to be recognized for the things we do, whether it’s cooking someone a meal or having a good day at work and getting a lot done,” she said. “It’s like the gold star that we got when we were little.”

RIBBON AS PIN: Grindstaff uses vintage ribbon in bold colors and has medals in the center of her ribbons shaped like animals. The medals are cast in gold and silver. Boutiques sell them for $154-$220.

RIBBON AS PURSE: Femme Sud has turned the prize ribbon into a leather purse. They’ve taken the old-school design and added a thin ribbon at the top as a handle. The purses sell for $495.

RIBBON AS WRISTLET: If a purse or pin is a bit much for you, Femme Sud also made the ribbon into small satin wristlets to be worn as a bracelet. They retail for $250.