Fix It: The Fourth of July brings out many displays of the American flag. Here are a few tips and web links to help you display the flag properly and learn more about its history.

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Q: Is it legal to hang a U.S. flag from a tree?

A: It’s a no-no to fly an American flag from a tree, says First Lt. Kenneth Toole, a public affairs officer at the Minnesota National Guard’s Camp Ripley.

The U.S. Flag Code states that the flag needs to be displayed from a permanent structure, he said.

“It needs to be on a structure where, say, if the wind was blowing, it wouldn’t blow the flag off or blow the branch off,” Toole said.

The U.S. Flag Code lays down the rules and regulations for displaying, destroying and respecting the flag. It also defines when a flag should be flown at half-staff. The Flag Code is actually a federal law, though it’s not usually enforced. Chapter 1, Section 6, Statute A of the Flag Code says the flag is to be displayed only on buildings and permanent flagstaffs.

To read the U.S. Flag Code, go to

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