Kids' Krafts: Gather your family, some paper and paste to create paper pumpkins for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

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You can almost smell fall in the air.

All of a sudden, it seems as if the air is crisper, the leaves on the sugar maples are turning orange and pumpkins have popped up in crates at roadside vegetable stands and local grocery stores.

It’s my favorite time of year when this part of the Earth gets ready for its winter slumber and people start planning for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

One way to celebrate the fall season is to add colorful paper pumpkins to your home décor. Here’s an easy craft from I modified the instructions for our use.


• Orange and green construction paper

• Toilet paper roll

• Fast-grabbing tacky glue

• Crayons

• Scissors

• Ruler

• Pencil


Color an orange piece of construction paper with browns, reds, greens and browns to layer on different fall colors.

Make marks using a ruler and pencil at every ½-inch on both long sides of the paper. Connect the marks from side to side with straight lines drawn with a ruler.

Cut the paper into strips at the lines.

To make the pumpkin core, cut and glue a piece of green paper to fit around the toilet paper roll. Let dry for a few minutes.

Glue a few strips into one end of the central core and let dry slightly. Continue this process until the entire top of the core is filled evenly with paper strips. Let dry.

Gently curl the end of each strip around and down so it can be glued to the bottom of the core. Each strip bows out, creating a round pumpkin. Glue each one at a time. Fill in empty spaces with more strips and let dry.

Cut a piece of green construction paper into a cylinder and fold it like an accordion. Open the paper and draw brown lines at the folds with a crayon. Insert it into the top of the core. Glue in place.

Cut some green leaves and glue them between the strips and the stem.

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