On New Year's Eve, keeping the glitz under control is overrated. This is the holiday when glamour is expected, even demanded, when guests...

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On New Year’s Eve, keeping the glitz under control is overrated. This is the holiday when glamour is expected, even demanded, when guests arrive at your home, and no one will question the glitter on your face.

To help you throw an unforgettable party, digs asked Seattle lifestyle expert Randy Altig, of “Maximum Living with Randy Altig,” a segment on KCPQ’s morning TV show, to come up with an affordable New Year’s celebration that will wow your guests.

Altig, who has hosted “Maximum Living” for two years, applies his high-energy creativity to projects on home décor, garden design, food and even fitness and health.

For New Year’s, Altig, 43, chose a theme of “making the old new again.” He combined his own vintage pieces with some new, do-it-yourself ones for a glittery bash you can try at home.

For a setting that glows by candlelight, he used silver as his base color and mixed in splashes of bright red, orange, green and blue.

“It’s such a drab time of year, so it’s important to have color,” he said.

The centerpiece of the party is a Resolution Ring decorated with candles circling a keepsake snow globe. Guests recite a resolution out loud, then light a candle, Altig said — the idea is to have people share resolutions so they are more likely to stick with them.

Other creative ideas include glistening ice bowls for Altig’s Fire and Ice Dessert, ice cream topped with a flaming sugar cube.

“You have to have a little bit of high drama,” he said.

Altig’s other party suggestions:

Mix easy martinis. Buy flavored sodas and mix them with vodka.

Chill out. Turn a punch bowl into a grand ice bucket.

Gussy up favors. Decorate inexpensive photo albums for party favors. Altig spray-painted his silver and added festive stickers.

Make a tablecloth. Buy 2 yards of inexpensive fabric, and use a glue gun to attach tinsel to the edge. (Glue in a zig-zag pattern.)

Embellish napkins. Glue a sparkly plastic bead onto paper napkins.

Personalize drinkware. Use glitter glue to add designs and “2007” to the base of plastic wine and champagne glasses. (Don’t use hot glue.)

Go vertical. Make dramatic tall decorations with branches from your yard to add interest to the table.

Save the memories. Hand out disposable cameras so guests can snap photos. Collect the cameras at the end of the evening. Send the images to guests so they can add them to their New Year’s Eve album party favor.

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