Ipod, uPod, now we all Pod. Since its introduction in 2001, the iPod and its generations have reinvented the way we listen to music. Piggybacking on the iPod...

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IPod, uPod, now we all Pod. Since its introduction in 2001, the iPod and its generations have reinvented the way we listen to music.

Piggybacking on the iPod craze are innovative takes on standard electronic accessories and the introduction of oodles of new, wacky add-ons to the beloved music device.

Accessories for iPods are a $1 billion business, according to published reports. Many, including Apple, expect that to grow tremendously.

Wire Winders

The glow-in-the-dark Tetran, a rubber creature with 23 rubber spikes, literally eats your earphones’ extra wiring, looks stylish on a key chain and doubles as a stress ball and mini-massager. Tunewear.com‘s elegant jewel clip blings in winter white or princess pink and doubles as a lapel pin while keeping those messy earphone wires hidden from present company.

Price: $12.95, $49.95.

Where to buy: www.tunewear.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: Much classier than having a tangled web of wires choking you.

• • •


The plastic waterproof box keeps your iPod away from electronic nemesis No. 1 — H{-2}O — letting you swim, float or tan in peace. A thin plastic layer allows you to control the iPod while underwater. Although the safety bubble can’t go scuba diving, your new swimming buddy can dive at least 3 feet. To complete the ultimate audio aquatic experience, listen to your music underwater with a pair of H{-2}O Audio WaterProof Headphones for $39.95.

Price: $29.95-$49.95.

Where to buy: www.otterbox.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: A better pool accessory than annoying blow-up floatie toys.

• • •


The only bark that man’s new plastic best friend makes is whatever your iPod’s streaming at the moment. Once plugged in, the I-Dog speaker dances and wags his ears, and seven colored LED lights on his face change with his mood and groove. For $9.99, pooch lovers can buy their pet various knit clothing sets, including matching ear socks.

Price: $29.99.

Where to buy: www.hasbro.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: This pet’s undying love costs three AAA batteries and a good beat.

• • •

Nike + iPod Sport Kit

An in-shoe sensor signals a receiver attached to your iPod, recording the runner’s time, distance, calories burned and pace. In turn, an automated voice tells the runner the stats. When you get home, your iPod syncs with your computer to track your overall progress.

Price: $29.

Where to buy: www.apple.com.

Compatibility: iPod nano only (iPod and specially designed Nikes not included).

Perk: Lance Armstrong endorses it.

• • •


Another looks-like-it-could-fly speaker plugs straight into the earphone jack on your iPod to broadcast your playa-list loud and far. One AAA battery yields about 10 hours of rock.

Price: $39.95.

Where to buy: www.tunewear.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: When plugged into an iPod shuffle, the boom acts as a tripod.

• • •

Solio Universal Solar Charger

This three-armed, foldable solar charger frees backpackers and outdoorsy-types from the shackles of wall-chained electrical outlets. The lightweight solar charger connects directly to your iPod or cellphone, and manufacturers claim it can store energy for up to one year. One hour of sunshine buys one hour of power for your iPod.

Price: $89.95.

Where to buy: www.solio.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: Take the free energy and score points with Mother Earth.

• • •


The four-speaker stereo dock, complete with retractable bath-tissue holder, ups the ante in bathroom accessories. Just plug the base into an electrical socket, mount your iPod and rock out to your favorite tunes. Toilet paper not included.

Price: $99.95.

Where to buy: www.atechflash.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: Even Uncle Bud the lumberjack will want one for his outhouse.

• • •

Electra iPod Bag

Whether it’s making sure the tote has a snuggly fit for your iPod or letting you choose the fabric or ribbon ornamentation, owner and designer Megan Avery of New Jersey-based M Avery Designs will meet every woman’s creative whimsy. If you dislike her collection of more than 100 fabrics, you can ship her your own.

Price: $29 plus additional customization fees.

Compatibility: All models.

Where to buy: www.maverydesigns.com.

Perk: Klutzes can request that their bags be made waterproof.

• • •

iCarPlay Wireless Plus

Making rush hour bearable, the FM transmitter beams your iPod’s tunes within about a 3-foot radius, so you can listen to them on your car radio. Three preset stations help you find a clear signal.

Price: $69.99.

Where to buy: www.target.com.

Compatibility: All models.

Perk: Be free of radio commercials and annoying DJ chatter.