Cleaning tips for households that include a pet

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Bringing home a cat or dog is a commitment — not only to the animal, but to the extra work involved in keeping your house clean.

Here are some tips from the Soap and Detergent Association:

• Vacuum regularly — maybe even daily if your pet sheds heavily or if someone in your home is highly allergic.

• A synthetic carpet with a stain-resistant finish will be easier to keep clean than one with wool or cotton fibers.

• If your pet has a favorite chair or corner of the sofa, cover that area with a washable blanket or throw, and launder it often.

• A comfy pet bed may lure the animal off the furniture.

• Use a fabric refresher to keep furniture smelling fresh.

• Keep pets out of the bedrooms of those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

• Brush your cat or dog frequently. If possible, do it outside, away from those with allergies. When you’re finished, wash your hands and the brush.

• Send your pet to another part of the house while you’re cleaning. It’s safer, and the pet will probably be happier away from the noise of the vacuum cleaner.