Surprise the father in your household with a hike, a festival, a tea break or a trip to a museum. (And maybe some fancy burgers on the side.)

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If you look at a rack of Father’s Day greeting cards, you certainly come away with the impression that American males with offspring do nothing but watch sports on TV, drink beer, play golf (poorly), covet boring neckties and fart a lot, too.

Since there are plenty of dads who don’t fall into that football-loving, beer-guzzling, tie-wearing demographic, here is a list of other stuff to think about for Dad this year (June 19, 2016).

— Take Dad to tea. OK, so he might see a few too many tiaras for his taste, but this is a ritual that doesn’t have to be just for the ladies. Bonus: There is a lot of food involved. Why he might love it: If he’s a savory guy, there are those awesome little sandwiches with different fillings, such as cucumbers, watercress or curry chicken salad. If he’s a sweet guy, he gets jams galore and a plethora of little cakes and cookies, too. Where to go: Queen Mary Tea Room in Bryant (informal) or afternoon tea at The Georgian Restaurant at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel downtown (fancy).

— Go to the Fremont Solstice celebration. Dad will have missed the naked parade, which is Saturday, but he can catch the march of the dogs or the Solstice Music Festival. Why he might love it: Canines. Music. Outdoors on a Sunday afternoon by the canal. (And, yes, a few beer gardens.)

— Go to an art museum. Pick one and head to the Seattle Art Museum, Asian Art Museum, Henry Art Gallery, Bellevue Arts Museum or the Frye Art Museum. Why he might love it: Because art. It would be pretty tough to immerse yourself in visual masterpieces for a couple of hours and get nothing from the experience. (If Dad really balks, take him out for burgers afterwards.)

— Go to a spa. An expert massage. A seaweed wrap. And what guy doesn’t have questions about what to do with the callouses on his feet?  Why he might love it: Kick back, relax and sit in a sauna. Or a warm pool. It’s not a man or woman thing. It’s a human thing. Where to go: Yuan Spa, Banya 5, Bella Luna Spa & Sauna.

— Go for a hike. Nature. The outdoors. If he’s a Northwest resident, chances are he’s pretty familiar with the concept. Why he might love it: There’s no need to wear a tie. And if he’s really, truly into all that other stuff more, you can grab a beer and some barbecue food afterwards. Where to go: The Lodge Lake Trail in the Snoqualmie region. Mount Rainier National Park. Little Si. (For more ideas, see 5 great hikes that won’t wear you out and Take a hike, have a beer.)