Readers rave about jury duty, Lynnwood police visit mosque, cute cat, help for snow-stranded car, Major the dog; rant about parents ignoring children, jury service for deceased man, clerk selling wrong tire chains.

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RAVE To the staff of the King County Superior Court jury pool. Two days of waiting wasn’t fun, but the staff went out of their way to express gratitude for everyone there, a reminder that, while it was a duty, our presence was appreciated and valuable. Also, thanks for nice chairs and a comfortable jury room!

RANT To parents who find their phones far more interesting than their children. I see it all the time, including recently at coffee shop where I noticed a young woman at a table with two lovely young children, quietly having a cookie and a drink, while Mom was busy on her phone for 15 minutes. How sad that she took her children on an outing but wouldn’t talk to them! Wake up, parents; you’ll regret this someday when your kids are grown and no longer want to do things with you. The time goes fast!

RAVE To the many Lynnwood Police officers who showed up at the Dar Alarqam Mosque recently to support their midday prayers. My husband and I have no affiliation with the mosque and are not Muslims, but we were very pleased to see them there sharing our commitment to peaceful coexistence and religious tolerance. Thank you for everything you do to make our community safer for all of us.

RANT To the Regional Justice Center. They sent my husband a jury-duty notice card and I responded with an email saying my husband had passed away. Their response was that my excuse was “reviewed and found to be insufficient under the statutes and therefore denied.”

RANT AND RAVE Rant to my cat who hurled on the bed at 4 a.m. Rave for how cute and cuddly he is.

RAVE To the really nice person who accidentally hit my parked car and left a note of apology with their name and phone number. It’s so nice to have sweet honesty in our midst!

RAVE AND RANT Rave to all the incredible people who helped our granddaughter when she was stuck in the snow on I-90; the tow-truck driver who didn’t pass her by, the police officer who helped with her chains that didn’t fit and had to be cut off the tires, and others who stopped to help. Rant to the clerk who assured her the chains would fit her car.

RAVE To Major, the handsome and dignified Weimaraner who’s a neighborhood institution, greeting customers and passers-by at his owner’s Ballard shoe-repair shop, and to his owner for letting us all know the sad news that Major is terminally ill so we can say goodbye over the next few weeks. Farewell, good dog.