Readers rave about friendly kids, VA Hospital, King County bird rescue, firefighters saving granddaughter; rant about using cellphones while driving, cold weather, driver rude to crossing pedestrian, crowded Link Light Rail.

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RAVE While outside doing yard work, I saw a saw a group of young kids and a parent out for a stroll. I hollered, “Hello, kids,” and went back to my work. A few minutes later, one of the kids came back and handed me a folded piece of red construction paper. I opened it and, in careful printing was written “You roc.” What an unexpected act of kindness! I told him he’d made my day and that I’d put the note on my wall. Such an awesome reminder of what’s good and true in this world. Thank you, kids.

RANT To people of all ages I see texting or talking on their cellphones while driving. I guess they don’t think anything can happen to them. If they end up in prison for killing someone maybe they’ll figure it out.

RAVE Since a fall last year I’ve been confined to a walker and as a veteran I’m eligible for services from the VA Medical Center in Seattle. Since I’m now unable to visit the Medical Center, a nurse came to my home and did therapy on my legs. This is excellent service.

RANT To the cold, rainy weather that’s discouraged me from going outside to remove my holiday lights.

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RAVE To the woman working for King County who took my Saturday call about a coot (bird) trapped in a storm drain in Covington. She reached someone in Covington public works, who called me and said they were closed, but they were there first thing on Monday freeing the trapped animal. Public-sector heroes!

RANT To the driver who scowled and honked at me as I crossed the street at a marked crosswalk. I was shocked but smiled and waved at the driver as I crossed. Please respect the right of pedestrians to walk in marked crosswalks!

RAVE To the woman who did the right thing and left her correct contact info on the windshield of my parked car after she ran into it. The workers at the body shop said most of the time those who leave a note give false information while seeming to appear responsible to accident bystanders.

RANT Sound Transit needs to step up and run three Link Light Rail trains. I quit riding downtown on weekdays because of the crush loads in two cars. I see three cars all weekend! How could three cars be needed more on Saturday than Monday through Friday?

RAVE To the amazing Seattle firefighters whose great skill and heroic response treating our granddaughter’s anaphylactic reaction saved her life. We’re beyond grateful. Also thanks to Seattle Children’s for continuing her treatment. We live in a very special city!