Readers rave about help with changing tire, hit-and-run witnesses; they rant about playing loud music on the trail, illegal crabbing, and a speeding cyclist who blamed the victim.

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RAVE To John, who was patient, helpful and supplied tools so I could change a tire, saying it was important to show my daughter that her mom could do it. He also modeled human decency and kindness for my 8-year-old, and I’ll be forever thankful.

RANT To the hiker on a popular trail playing loud music on her cellphone while others are there to experience the natural setting. Imagine if everyone did that. It’s rude for anyone to play music in parks and public spaces. How do people become so self-involved that they think everyone wants to listen to their music?

RAVE To the observant gentleman who noticed one of our tires was flat as we were about to turn onto a busy highway. He jumped out of his car, ran up to alert us and pointed us to a nearby tire store, where the problem was quickly taken care of. His warning likely saved us from much more trouble. Thanks again!

RANT To crabbers who ignore the catch size requirements (6 ¼” minimum) and limits (5/license/day, males only). During a recent low tide at Shilshole, I observed many crab shells off the dock from someone’s recent cleaning; few, if any, were legal size. Improper harvesting of this Puget Sound delicacy is not OK. We may soon find ourselves with no crabbing season in this area if people don’t read and follow the rules.

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RAVE AND RANT Rave to the young women who witnessed a truck sideswipe my unoccupied parked car and another vehicle and waited for me and the police to arrive. Rant to the hit and run driver who put a lot of lives at risk.

RANT To tourists and local pedestrians who take up an entire sidewalk, stop in the middle of a sidewalk to talk, read a map or otherwise interfere with the traffic flow. Follow the rules of the road, keep to the right, pass on the left and even though no one is coming toward you, there might be others trying to pass from behind. There are no laws, but it’s simple courtesy.

RANT AND RAVE Rant to the cyclist who came out of nowhere at high speed and knocked my wife over at Olympic Sculpture Park. He wasn’t on the bike path, but blamed her, saying she should have looked out. When I asked for his name and took out my phone to take a photo, he rode off like a coward, with no apology or offer to help. Rave to the two women walking by and the employees of a nearby restaurant who supplied assistance, a bandage and a large bag of ice for the wound.