You may not be able to embrace your friends and family for a while, but letter writing is a great (and screenless) way of letting them know you care from afar. And why not give your penpals a real treat by dressing up your letter in all the news that’s fit to print? You’ll need some folding skills and a roll of either clear or decorative tape.

1. Start with a double sheet of a newspaper. We suggest using the cover and back page of a  section.

2. Open it up and tear along the centerfold, so you’re left with a single newspaper page.

3. Fold your new single sheet in half. You’ll want the most decorative art to be facing down on the table.

4. Position the letter or card you’re planning to send slightly above the middle of the sheet.

5. Take the sides of the folded sheet and make two equally sized flaps. (These will be the sides of your envelope.)


6. Dog-ear each corner and tape down.

7. Fold the bottom of your sheet up so it covers about three-quarters of your letter or card.

8. Tape the bottom two dog ears down to the vertical sides of the envelope.

9. Once your card is finished, fold the remaining top flap of the envelope down and secure it shut with a sticker, tape or, if you’re fancy, a wax envelope seal.